Yo no invente este tag, de echo el creador lo hizo en ingles, asi que...esta hecho con mis favoritas,no es una copia ni nada parecido. ¡Espero que les guste!

1. Cancion que lleve un color en el titulo

LBD- Becky G

becky g image Temporarily removed black, nails, and grunge image night, quotes, and dark image
Baby you should know that i ain't easy with my little black dress on

2.Cancion con un numero en el titulo

7 rings- Ariana Grande

ariana grande, 7 rings, and pink image Image by everything
I want it, i got it, i want it, i got it, yeah

3.Cancion que me recuerde al verano

Fallin' All In You- Shawn Mendes

flowers, wallpaper, and yellow image sky, aesthetic, and hands image
If i'm dreaming, baby please don't wake me up

4.Cancion que me recuerde a alguien que preferiria olvidar

Real Friends- Camila Cabello

beauty, heartbroken, and love image fuck you, lying, and real friends image
Every time i let somebody in then i find out what they're all about

5.Una cancion para escuchar a todo volumen

Kill this love- Blackpink

Image removed Image by just a typical sad teenager
Gotta kill this love, yeah, it's sad but true

6.Una cancion que me hace bailar

Snapping- Chung ha

chungha, kpop, and kim chungha image cool, gif, and interesting image
Ok no es la letra, no se coreano pero me encanta:) No sabia cual elegir, hay muchisimas que me hacen bailar

7. Cancion para conducir toda la noche

Paris in the rain- Lauv

paris image in, Lyrics, and music image
We don't need a fancy town or bottles that we can't pronounce

8.Cancion sobre drogas

Sober- Demi Lovato

Temporarily removed aesthetic, demi lovato, and eyes image
And daddy please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor

9.Cancion que me hace estar feliz

Troye Sivan- Strawberries and Cigarattes

gay, rainbow, and lgbt image troye, troyesivan, and blueneighbourhood image

10.Cancion que me hace estar triste

Older- Sasha Sloan

sky, clouds, and stars image sad, crying, and cry image
I use to be mad, but now i know, sometimes it's better to let someone go

11.Cancion de la que nunca me canso

Señorita- Shawn Mendes ft Camila Cabello

camila cabello, shawn mendes, and senorita image senorita, camilacabello, and shawnmendes image
I wish i could pretend i didn't need you, but every touch is Oh la la la

12.Cancion de mi preadolescencia

Problem- Ariana Grande

Image removed problem and ariana grande image
I got one less problem without you

13.Cancion que me gusta de los 80's

Every breath you take- The Police

every breath you take image music, poster, and the police image

14.Cancion que me gustaria para mi boda

Photograph- Ed Sheeran

couple, hands, and ulzzang image Image removed
Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes, but it's the only thing that i know