NAME: lily luna potter
BIRTHDAY: february 10, 2008
SIGN: aquarius


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reddish-brown hair, green eyes, freckles, tall, looks the most like her parents (fc: bridget satterlee)


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feminist, headstrong, friendly, witty, sporty, determined, can be critical and hyperactive


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lily's style is feminine and dainty. she prefers flowy dresses over pants and is always showing skin, much to the dismay of her father.


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lily's patronus is a fox, which are known to be quick and charming. compared to her siblings, lily thinks her patronus is way cooler and more unique.


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for lily, amortentia smells like parchment paper, mint leaves, rose water, and her father.


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hugo granger-weasley is lily's cousin and close friend. in the extended weasley family, hugo and lily are the closest and see each other nearly every day. they're a dynamic duo and they're basically joined at the hip.
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lysander scamander is another friend of lily's, having met after being sorted into gryffindor together. they have mutual crushes on each other, but they remain great friends and they're often seen on the quidditch pitch together.
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eloise zabini and lily potter are good friends, and lily often compares her to her aunt hermione. like lily, eloise is outspoken and witty and they often protest together in muggle london. lily calls eloise her 'token female friend.'