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Teen Wolf is one of my favorite TV shows and I would love to be in exactly such a world (maybe I would make the circumstances all have experienced a little nicer for them)...

So let's get started.

Alexandria Dunbar, but her friends call her Alex or Dria
{Protector, someone who resists}

She has long brown hair, blue eyes with yellow interruptions and a narrow nose. Alex is relatively small, but damn fast and agile with a few defined muscles. She also wears glasses.

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Chaotic, intelligent, extroverted, sarcastic, resentful, passionate, cheeky and pert, polite, cheerful, adventurous, reckless

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Liam is the twenty-seven minute older twin brother of Alexandria. They don't always get along, but they love each other anyway.
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She hardly sees her father, because he has a lot to do as a doctor.

Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Corey Bryant, Mason Hewitt, Derek Hale, etc...

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In the beginning Alex always had the feeling that she preferred to hit Brett in the face when she saw him. But the more she gets into the world of the supernatural, the more she realizes that she must quickly set other standards and realizes that he is not as bad as thought.

Where she lives with her family

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Alexandria lives with her dad and twin brother in Beacon Hills.
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Before that she spent several years on a horse ranch in Texas after her mother died and she could not cope with it.

A cannibalistic giant; a person who has been transformed into a monster by the consumption of human flesh or by biting.
She's been bitten, not born that way.

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Battle Type
She's pretty nimble in her fighting style, although she's pretty unrestrained and vindictive, which is probably due to her cannibal side. However, she stands up for what it deserves to be protected. Alexandria stands by her friends and would even die for them, even if they can't understand that she literally goes over dead bodies to get what she wants.

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Back Story
Her mother died when Alex and Liam were eight years old. Only slowly could she cope with the death on a horse ranch in Texas, where the dog that was given to her helped her.

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The Story of Now
At the age of sixteen, Alexandria moves back to her family, who had moved to Beacon Hills and is building a new life there.
Together with her brother she tries to live a reasonably normal life, but his secrets cause some difficulties in her and his life. And yet she can sense that he's not the only supernatural next to her.

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