Hey guys!

In this article I'm gonna show you my fav fashion items and outfits that will be my inspiration for university this year. Maybe you can use it for school too, but we had a uniform..ugh

It's my first year as a student so I'm a little bit nervous about it. Hopefully everything will be all right. If you entered university too, congratulations and good luck!

Let's get started!

White classic blouse

fashion, style, and outfit image Image by tanianes_47 shirt image Image by mink coffee, fashion, and girl image white, fashion, and acne image Image by tanianes_47 clothes, fashion, and outfit image

Victorian style blouse

white image Image by tanianes_47 fashion, outfit, and white image Image by tenderlygirl outfit image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and gold image fashion, jewelry, and style image
my love 🖤

Black pants

belt, black, and classy image beautiful, goals, and lookbook image all star, blogger, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image
fashion image bag, fendi, and pants image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, black, and outfit image

Cozy sweaters

book, coffee, and aesthetic image fashion and style image sweater, outfit, and clothes image Image by tanianes_47
Image by tanianes_47 Image by alexbtb fashion, style, and grey image Image by lilu
basic colours, good materials


accessories, art, and black image classy, fancy, and minimalism image fashion and girl image accessories, designer, and inspo image
Image by tenderlygirl hair, fashion, and girl image fashion and style image girl, style, and earrings image
they'll take care of your neck


fashion, style, and outfit image casual, clothes, and coat image Image by tanianes_47 Image by tanianes_47
beauty, camera, and fashion image Image by tenderlygirl aesthetics, blazer, and fashion image blazer, clothes, and fashion image
it looks great on you!

My fav of summer '19

girl, fashion, and aesthetic image fashion, black, and style image dress, fashion, and tshirt image autumn, dress, and fashion image
great idea for layering, light t-shirt can be easily switched to a sweater or turtleneck

A pair of boots

beauty, boots, and fashion image black boots, denim, and fashion image fashion, boots, and black image black, fashion, and shoes image
minimal and shoes image Temporarily removed bag, black, and boots image black, blogger, and boots image
black/burgundy, flat/heels, shoelaces/no shoelaces it's up to you

Warm coat and scarf

girl, cold, and vintage image classy image fashion image book, reading, and girl image
Temporarily removed makeup, sneakers, and streetstyle image travel, vintage, and analog image fashion, style, and outfit image
it'll save you from the cold autumn wind and also it's super comfy and classy P.s.you can use your scarf as a blanket :D

Simple accessories

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book, nails, and accessories image jewellery image
book, black, and rings image jewelry image jewelry, style, and rings image hair, style, and accessories image

Hope you enjoyed it!
I'll post the 2nd part in a couple of days💌
See you soon🧡