I'm not good enough for people. I always let everyone down. And most of the time I make things worse. And with that kind of thinking I push everybody away, even the ones that I love. And maybe I do that because I was hurt a couple times by the ones that I trusted and loved. And now it's hard to trust people, because who knows maybe they break me one more time. And all those toxic friendships make me feel that I'm not good enough. But maybe I am.

The thing that everybody should know is that you need to get some rest and I'm not talking about sleep I'm talking about people. People are the most cruel things on earth. I know that it can be hard to be apart from people that you used to be around all the time.. But sometimes you have to, 'cause sometimes the ones that we love makes us feel bad. Maybe they don't want to, but they make that feeling that you not good enough and at this point you have to take a break.. And don't be scared to lose your best friend or other people that you love, because those who are real will stay no matter what. And it will be better for you.


And yeah if you're reading this just know that if you want to talk text me. I'm not sure I will be able to help you but I can listen. And I know sometimes it is better than trying to help.