Like most of us have done their whole life, I've always looked up to some people I encountered. I'm lucky enough to call some of them my friends. But, I've also been wanting to meet the famous figures that helped me turn into the person that I am today (if that makes any sense).

  • 1. Hayao Miyazaki
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I think I've seen all his works. I've always been fascinated by the magic he's created through the years. I briefly talked about his Howl's Moving Castle in one of my articles. To meet him would be such a childhood dream come true.
  • 2. Barack Obama
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Even though talking about politics on social media doesn't feel safe at all, I think Barack Obama has been one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. If I only got the chance to meet him, I think I wouldn't be able to stop asking him questions about everything. His knowledge and wisdom are truly admirable.
  • 3. Gustav Klimt
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Heavily influenced by my mother's taste in arts when I was younger, Klimt was one of the many painters that inspired me through my teenage years. His works are pure and delicate masterpieces which always leave a certain impact on my feelings. Even though he left us a while ago, I would've loved to meet him and to discuss about colors, patterns and the women that inspired his art.
  • 4. Simone Veil
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How could I forget about her ? A strong and fierce woman who went through hell, but never failed to stand up for her beliefs. We share the same values and it would've been such an honor to meet her.
  • 5. Natalie Portman
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One of the main reasons I'd like to meet her is because I've always wondered what it was like to know Hayden Christensen (one of my biggest celebrity crushes). But on a more serious note, Natalie has this acting power I wouldn't be able to explain. She defines some emotions on screen that have always impressed me. I would love to interview her if I could.
  • 6. David Bowie
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A brilliant mind, an incredible talent and such an inspiring soul. David Bowie was part of this revolutionary generation where music stood out and lyrics meant something deep. I wish he was still alive so I could ask him a dozen questions, mainly about my favorite song : Let's Dance !
  • 7. Audrey Hepburn
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The essence of beauty itself, the most selfless woman to have ever existed. Audrey Hepburn was an icon throughout her entire career and God knows she deserved that title. Not only was she a gifted actress but she also knew how keep her head on her shoulders by setting her career aside to give herself entirely to charity work : a noble person I would've died to meet.
  • 8. Emile Zola
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French author famous for his Rougon-Macquart series Emile Zola, had a very particular writing style that I instantly fell in love with. I read one of his books (from this series) called Au Bonheur des Dames and the one of the main characters left me wanting to read more from this author. Especially the series.
  • 9. Quentin Tarantino
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Much like Hayao Miyazaki and Emile Zola, Quentin Tarantino succeeded to create a whole atmosphere on film. From Reservoir Dogs to The Hateful Eight, the director proved us his imagination could go places beyond extraordinary and that's what I like so much about him. I very much enjoy his movies and I'm always excited to see what he has got in the works.
  • 10. Barbra Streisand
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One of the greatest voices of the past and present century : miss Barbra Streisand. Our lady here is one of a kind. She really has been an idol to me for as long as I can remember. Astonishing in musicals, splendid in acting and breathtaking with her vocals. Who wouldn't want to meet her, honestly ?
  • 11. Cillian Murphy
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I'm not going to lie, ever since I started to watch Peaky Blinders I've started to develop a huge crush on this man : he's so handsome. But there's more to that. After watching a couple of interviews and digging deeper into his past works, I realized that he had this particular way of thinking and seeing the characters he played that I liked. I would love to meet him one day and talk about those intriguing personas he played on screen.

Maybe one day I'll get to meet some of them...