Fun, fun, just for fun. I'm doing this just for fun.

You should do it too.

My inspiration came from... (▼)

L - lilac

Temporarily removed fashion, purple, and outfit image Temporarily removed aesthetic, lavender, and light purple image aesthetic, beautiful, and bouquet image pink, bath, and purple image

A - aqua

train, green, and blue image aesthetic and aqua blue image Image removed pink, wallpaper, and background image Image by foreverland aqua, Basketball, and colorful image

U - ultramarine blue

blue, aesthetic, and dark image aesthetic, black and white, and blue image blue, aesthetic, and dark image aesthetic, blue, and denim image night, stars, and beautiful image Temporarily removed

R - rose gold

money, pink, and grunge image Temporarily removed pink, rose gold, and rose image pink, sweater, and rose gold image gold, aesthetic, and architecture image rose gold, pink, and theme image

A - almond

book and bookshelf image Temporarily removed coffee, ice, and drink image ice cream, food, and brown image beige, food, and brown image Image removed

Hope you're having a lovely day! L.x

If you're doing this and can't find colours for your letters... (►),a