As I don't know what kind of article i should write, here I'am with a tag inspired by the one I read the other day

Let's get started :

Coffee or tea?

tea, aesthetic, and drink image flowers, tea, and cup image
100% Tea, to be honest I just can't stand the taste of coffee although I like how it smells.

Sunset or sunrise?

sunset, beach, and landscape image sunset, beach, and sun image girl, sun, and hair image sky, sunset, and beautiful image
I can't choose between the two of them, they're so beautiful.

Books or movies?

Mature image book, read, and reading image
Movies but I'm trying to read more books so I decreased my watch time.

Series or movies?

Image removed the office, cat, and funny image
It depends more on my mood but I've been into series lately.

Hugs or kisses?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed couple, beach, and love image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Hugs are the best.

Night or day?

stars, sky, and night image girl, city, and grunge image
Night for sure.

Theme park or water park?

summer, water, and fun image summer, fun, and water image
Water park.

Dogs or cats?

cat, cute, and black image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I'm a cat lady for sure.

Summer or winter?

Temporarily removed socks, tea, and winter image
I don't know ! It's hard to choose between sweaty season and chilbain season ( Lmao) I guess both then ! I'm being bitter but for real both these season have their own charm and I do like them both for different reasons.

Spring or fall?

Temporarily removed girl, nature, and aesthetic image
Spring cause in my country fall isn't all that cute.

City or countryside?

girl, city, and view image city, girl, and summer image
C-heee-ty (city)

Rain or snow?

rain, friends, and friendship image rain, girl, and aesthetic image art, beauty, and dark image rain, sea, and ocean image
Rain is my favorito.

Shower or bath?

aesthetic, dark, and girl image grunge, hippie, and urban image

Denim or leather?

Image removed Image removed
Definetely both. Those are my warerobe staples.

Wavy or straight hair?

fashion, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed
Shoutout to my wavy locks.

Chinese food or italian food?

Temporarily removed food, tofu, and vegan image
Chinese food.

Beard or shaved face?

Image removed boy, eyes, and model image 5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image aesthetic, alternative, and boho image

Tan or pale

beauty, makeup, and aesthetic image aesthetic, pics, and roleplay image
I do love them both but I prefer myself when I'm paler cause I try to not expose myself to the sun all that much.( Vampire stuff)

Piercings or tattoos?

tattoo, boy, and man image Temporarily removed

Ice cream or joghurt?

ice cream, aesthetic, and beige image ice cream, chocolate, and food image
Ice cream obviously.

Call or text?

meme, funny, and message image conversation, funny, and lol image
it depends on the person I'm talking to but mostly texts.

Modern or rustic?

dining room, rustic, and industrial image Temporarily removed
I like a mixture of both.

Classic or modern art?

art, painting, and ocean image angel, aesthetic, and art image

Freckles or dimples?

beautiful, girl, and laughing image girl, smile, and blonde image

Library or museum?

art, museum, and aesthetic image art, girl, and aesthetic image

Horror or comedy?

chandler bing, comedy, and monica geller image how i met your mother, quotes, and himym image

Blue or green eyes?

blue image blue, eyebrows, and eyes image
Blue eyes.

Fire or ice?

lips, ice, and mouth image winter, snow, and window image

Skates or skateboard?

vintage, friends, and skate image california, vintage, and 70s image
Roller skates

Early bird or night owl?

owl, dark, and night image moon, red, and night image
Night owl

Thanks for reading and till the next time take care.