You once told me
love is supposed to hurt.
That, my dear, was one
of the many times
you were wrong

Love is not supposed to hurt

Betrayal hurts

Lies hurt

Mean actions hurt

Silence and distance hurt

Disinterest hurt

But love doesn't

In fact, love may be
the only thing in the world
that does not hurt

Love heals
and love builds

I would've never came to you
if I had known
that I would have to explain it
after hearing those words
come out of your mouth

Maybe I would teach you,
in another circumstances,
in another reality,
one where my heart was made of diamond

If I had a diamond heart,
I wouldn't stop my mind
from going to your name

If I had a diamond heart,
that could take every punch
and every fall
without bleeding
without breaking

But I don't

This is just a heart,
made of flesh and covered in scars,
full of weakness and fear,
mixed with faith and courage

Thank you for teaching me to love,
perhaps you should learn yourself.
You will come to the knowledge
it is a pretty wonderful thing