Monday, 12 August 2019

Good morning 
4:54 AM

Today is a big day and a big day comes with early mornings.
4:55 AM

I am reading a new story on manga again. Do your mood change with time. I mean I suddenly feel happy now.
8:57 AM

I feel like I am on top of the world.
9:02 AM

It’s weird. I know.
9:02 AM

Are you taking a break today? I mean yesterday it must be pretty late when you reach home. 
9:03 AM

Work hard is the key to success.
9:04 AM

9:04 AM

Do you like the rain?
9:17 AM

I think I should sleep until 1. I really have nothing to do
10:09 AM

I am writing a story again. I hope I get finished with this one.
4:55 PM

I am bored
6:32 PM

How was your day?
6:32 PM

Last-minute grocery shopping. I want to cook food but no ingredients.
7:46 PM

I am making cheeseburgers, salami, potatoes fries and nachos 
7:48 PM

Did you see the moon today?
8:32 PM

So near yet so far.
8:32 PM

Weather is good. I know you like pleasant weather. 
8:34 PM

My brother dropped a drink on me while we were having dinner
11:12 PM

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