A well balanced healthy diet includes unprocessed foods. To maintain a healthy weight and meet your nutrition needs , it is very important to intake unprocessed foods and also monitor your carbs. You don't necessary have to go an a Vegan diet, to lose weight, its not guarantee. If your goal is to lose weight there are more factors that come into play like, (sleep, stress, exercise or health condition. The normal average adult approximately needs 2000 calories a day, conversely.. you may gain weight when you consume more calories than you burn. Diet should mainly consist in the following Whole grains: (quinoa, oats,brown rice ) Fruits :( berries,peaches, apples, melon, pears etc) Meats (turkey, chicken, veal, lamp) Vegetables ( sweet potato, butternut squash,peas ) just to give a few points. Most important avoid fried foods and soda. Still every individual needs vary, Use your knowledge and stick to your diet sources to consume 2000 calories a day.