2018 supplied us with MANY MANY great albums. Here are a few of my favorites.

Bazzi - Cosmic. this album has literally NO skips. Flawless. My holy trinity is "soaring", "myself", and "3:15".

Bebe Rexha - Expectations. THIS ALBUM!!! I am OBSESSED with it. It is a beautiful piece of art. My top 3 are "self control", "dont get any closer", and "sad"

Bea Miller - Aurora. MY FAV POP GIRLIE OF ALL TIME!! SHE SNAPPED!! She is SO underrated and its sad. She deserves better. This album is timeless. My favs are "to the grave","warmer", and "girlfriend".

Ariana Grande - Sweetener. this album received a TON of criticism and i cant figure out why. Ive loved it since the day it came out! my favs are "blazed", "everytime", and "better off". no tears left to cry is an honorable mention bc that song is a bop!

Shawn Mendes - Self titled. I LOOOOOOOVE THIS ALBUM! Its his best. my favs are "mutual", "particular taste", and "queen".

Camila Cabello - CAMILA. Again, a timeless album. my favs are "all these years", "somethings gotta give",and "in the dark".

5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood. When these boys blew up in 2014 i loved she looks so perfect and amnesia.I never really liked anything else though. Until, last year in march when i first heard want you back. that song made me a full on stan! i love them so much! my favs on this album are "ghost of you", "more", and "want you back".

Sabrina Carpenter - Singular act I. queen! literal queen. i love her so much. this album is so good!! and so is act II, but that was released in 2019. my favs are "prfct", "mona lisa", and "hold tight".

The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. I LOVE THIS ALBUM!! I LOVE THESE BOYS!! this album left me speechless. my favs include "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME", "give yourself a try", and "be my mistake".

LANY - Malibu Nights. this album. thats it. thats the tweet. its so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! my favs include "taking me back", "if you see her", and "i dont wanna love you anymore".

CHVRCHES - Love is Dead. this album!!!!!! amazing. i couldnt even pick out 3 favs bc of how good it is.

Ella Mai - self titled. ella mai, one of the most talented artists out there right now. my favs from this album include "easy", "gut feeling", and "naked."