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when did you get into kpop?

─ I really started to get into kpop right around the time that SHINee's Sherlock came out, so March of 2012. I'd listened to a couple of 2NE1 and Hyuna songs before, but I properly got into it when Sherlock came out.

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who's your favorite girl group?

─ I like a lot of girl groups, but Loona is easily my favourite ♥ Other favourites are Itzy, Twice, Iz*one, Dreamcatcher, and Rocket Punch will probably grow on me very quickly.

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who's your favorite boy group?

─ The Boyz and NCT! There are dozens of bg's I love, and while B1A4 and Boys Republic will always have a very special place in my heart, my current favourites are definitely The Boyz and NCT (OT21!!) CIX is worth mentioning as well - I love my kids ♥

favorite kpop song?

─ Honestly, ask me again in a few days and my answer will likely be different, but! The first fave to come to mind is CIX's Movie Star, probably because it's recent and thus stuck in my head. Other songs of note are

  • NCT Dream's Boom
  • A.C.E's Under Cover
  • Everglow's Bon Bon Chocolate
  • Chungha's Snapping
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who is the prettiest female in kpop to you?

─ So many, but Loona's Jinsoul is number one for me - if I didn't already know I liked girls, she would have made me question it, ngl. I legit gasped when I saw her face for the first time. Other gorgeous ladies who come to mind are

  • Red Velvet's Joy
  • Sunmi
  • EXID's Hani
  • Rocket Punch's Juri
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who is the prettiest male in kpop to you?

─ Monsta X's Wonho and NCT's Taeyong, are, imo, two of the most gorgeous guys on the planet. They're both unfairly pretty, not to mention total sweethearts, which just makes them more attractive. Some other guys worth mentioning

  • NCT/WayV's Xiaojun
  • AB6IX's Woong
  • D1CE's Yoojun
  • The Boyz Juyeon
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what's a kpop song you dislike?

─ EXO's Wolf is one I genuinely can't stand. Most songs will either grow on me, or I can stand to listen to if they're in a video or something, but I really just don't like Wolf (it's the only EXO song I don't like.) I don't like Teen Top's No More Perfume On You, as well, but because the song is about cheating, more or less, not because it's a bad song (it sounds great, I just hate the lyrics.)

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what's your favorite concept?

─ I like most concepts, though I tend to lead towards loving dark/scary stuff (I'm a fan of horror movies after all) as well as very story/lore driven things. It's at least part of why I love Dreamcatcher and Loona both a lot. Honestly, the only concept I don't really like is overly sexual stuff, because I'm asexual and it just makes me uncomfortable personally.

what's your favorite music video?

─ Like the song, ask me again in a few days and my answer will probably change. I would say that TXT's Crown is among my favourites though, as well as A.C.E's Take Me Higher

what's the hardest choreography to you?

─ I'm not a dancer, at all, so frankly, all dances look difficult to me, mostly. I couldn't pick one in general, but imo, Seventeen's dances are some of the most difficult, if only because they're so in sync all the time!

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favorite underrated group?

─ Gods, I stan so many underrated groups, don't even get me /started/. My bias group for the longest time was Boys Republic, and even though they're probably not coming back, I still love them so much. Newkidd as well! Hansol used to be a SM Rookie, and he was in UNB, but I feel like no one pays any attention to Newkidd, and if they do, it's /just/ to Hansol and ignores the other kids, and they're all so talented and precious.

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favorite female soloist?

─ Chungha and Sunmi, hands down, not even a competition. I don't know as many soloists as I do groups, so it's not surprising my two faves are former gg members, but still, they're so good!!

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favorite male soloist?

─ It's a tie between Donghan and Taemin, honestly. Donghan's music is, in a lot of ways, reminiscent of Taemin's (which isn't surprising; Donghan's a fan of Taemin's) but they're also very different and I just really love them both. (Park Hyoshin is worth mentioning as well; his voice is gorgeous.)

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what group has easy choreography to you?

─ Again, not a dancer, but probably Winner? I mean, any group that's more focused on vocals than dancing, obviously, but Winner's choreography has never really looked very difficult, like, ever. Then again, it's not like YG Ent. is exactly known for dancing, so it's not surprising.

what would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?

─ It's just a genre of music - people all over the world like American pop music, so why is it so surprising that so many people like Korean pop music? It's catchy and good, and there's something for everyone.

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