today's song:
"not in california" by k. flay

โ we built a big world, then we watched it all burn
'cause the television made us lazy
traded all our sunshine in for a storm
don't say I didn't warn ya
we're not in california anymore
and I bet if I ask everybody that I know
they'd wanna be a kid again
so they could do it different...โž

part of the playlist "saving earth":


the united nations predicted that we have 12 years left before climate change causes an irreversible damage to the ecosystem.

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every minute, 250 babies are born.
every minute, 4000 tons of garbage are produced.

every piece of plastic ever produced still exists, which adds up to a total of 8.3 billion tonnes by now.
it's estimated that plastic takes about 1000 years to decompose

sustaining a viable ecosystem where human life will still be possible in 100 years should be viewed as an obligation, not as something that is desirable but not top priority - as it is currently treated..

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we aren't entitled to living a luxurious and decadent lifestyle as long as someone else has to suffer for it, may it be exploited workers or future generations.

our problem won't be solved by a handful of people living a perfectly sustainable life,
but by the 2 billion people in the industrial nations improving their lifestyles all together, step by step.

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so how can we improve and take some steps away from contributing to the destruction of our planet?

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this article is a collaboration with lovely โ ฮฑ ะฒ ะฒ y โž , a dedicated member of whi and a wonderful cheery soul. read her ten tips for helping the planet here:
you should totally check out her extremely aesthetic and well labeled collections ;) and don't forget to read her great study articles! ^^

a guideline for living ecologically and sustainably:

  • reuse: use things you already have or give old things a new life
  • reduce: consider carefully which things you really need and cut down all that you don't
  • refuse: don't take the plastic bag, don't take the plastic straw, don't take the paper cup and try to avoid products with too much plastic packaging
  • recycle: less than 7% of all plastic gets recycled, so let's try our best to increase that percentage!
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1. buy less!

instead, repair and share!
you need way less stuff than you're buying right now.
don't throw something away and replace it with a new thing just because it doesn't look good anymore or has an issue. learn to care well for your stuff and always try to repair it.

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buying one high quality item that you will love for many many years instead of buying many cheap, low quality pieces every other year does you AND the environment a favour!

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2. reduce your meat consumption

i'm not forcing anyone to become vegan right away.
i know that's hard when 95% of the foods around you contain animal products and when 99% of the people around you aren't vegan and maybe even make negative comments about it.

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60% of all deforestation is to produce meat
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meat is a big contributor to the green house gas emissions
we and the animals we raise to eat make up 98% of mammals on earth.
if you're not convinced, read this article about your brain's defense mechanism

every day, a person on a vegan diet saves...

  • over 4,000 litres of water
  • 20 kg of grains
  • 3 mยฒ of forest
  • 10 kg of CO2 equivalent
  • and one animal's life โ™ก
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practical tips for anyone and everyone:

  • swap the acne-intensifying cow's milk for some delicious plant milk
  • replace cream cheese with a yummy vegan spread
  • start with one meat-free or vegan day a week
  • don't buy animal products when you go grocery shopping
  • learn to cook vegan recipes you enjoy
  • convince your family to incorporate more vegetarian or vegan meals
  • choose a vegetarian or vegan dish when eating out
  • get your protein from oatmeal, flaxseed, chia, lentils, beans, hemp seed, (chick)peas, quinoa, soy, fungi, green vegetables, peanut butter or nuts
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3. use public transport or go by bike

as you can see above, cars are also a big issue when it comes to co2 emissions and it's something we all need to change individually as well.
i must admit i do like the luxury of driving wherever i want, too. but that's what it is, a luxury and usually not a necessity.

benefits of using public transport:

  • you can sleep
  • you don't have to be sober
  • you get your taxes' worth back
  • it's cheaper than paying for gas
  • you meet new people
  • you can watch other people (lol i do that a lot)
  • you can listen to music or podcasts
  • you can watch videos, play phone games or chat
  • you can read a book
  • you can do your homework
  • you're casually saving the world
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benefits of going by bike:

  • you get a juicy trained booty ๐Ÿ‘
  • you get a lot of sunlight (we should get at least 30 minutes of sun exposure everyday, most people are far from that)
  • your cardio improves
  • you can discover and enjoy the world around you (especially nice when you bike through nature)
  • you can listen to your favourite (workout) music
  • everyone will think you're a cool, fit and inspirational person
  • physical exercise is incredibly beneficial for your health and wellbeing
  • you're actively saving the world while caring for your health
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4. get a mineral sunscreen

you probably knew about the other tips but this one might be new for you:
the sunscreen you're using is killing the ocean.
well, that's a bit dramatic but at least it harms marine life and bleaches and kills the reefs.
and you can easily change that by buying a mineral sunscreen instead of a chemical one.

the most problematic ingredients are oxybenzone, oczinoxate and octyl methoxycinnamate. they are very well researched and we know for sure that they are toxic for sea life but it's very likely that all chemical sunscreens are problematic.

read a bit more about it here

so you're doing your kids a great favour by investing in some mineral sunscreen so they will still be able to see a beautiful reef one day.

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ask the service personal at your drugstore for a mineral based sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide... and if they don't have any, tell them they should really offer it because otherwise they contribute to the destruction of nemo's home...

i'm using the organic sun protection by i+m that has some lovely orange blossom scent for my body and for my face i got sunscreen oil by eco cosmetics that contains a lot of antioxidant oil.

here's a list of approved reef safe sunscreens:

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5. buy second-hand items

the best way to protect the resources and decrease consumption is to use what is already there instead of producing new shit all the time.
second-hand shopping is also really affordable and you afford high quality items for a low price.

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it takes about 2,700 liters to produce the cotton for one basic t-shirt.
that's the amount of water one person drinks in three years.

i'm not just talking about clothes tho, i wanna emphasize how energy consuming (and therefore co2 producing) the production of electronic devices is.
i've always bought my laptops second-hand and my next phone is gonna be used and therefore i will spend only 70โ‚ฌ on a phone that's better than the one i bought new for twice as much.

i recommend this wonderful article with a lot of practical tips on shopping clothes sustainably by linde, an adorable 14-year-old vegan belgian โ™ก
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extra tip: ecosia

planting trees while browsing the web - for free.
sounds unrealistic?
nope, it's actually really easy.
all you have to do is use "ecosia" as your new search engine.

whereas using the internet and making search request usually uses a considerable amount of energy, by using ecosia your internet deep dives are more than co2 neutral. โ™ก

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that's it for today, i don't want to make the article too long so you don't get more input than you can process :'D

i will post a part two another five tips in some days, so see you soon!

here's abby's article in case you missed clicking on it before:

simply human
simply human
and here's my account. feel free to browse :)

i hope you enjoyed reading and feel inspired to incorporate some eco-friendly habits into your lifestyle. โ™ก

xx, a random girl from the internet

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