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Imagine this: you wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning, in a city where love floats around in the air as do the freshly baked sweets. You glance around the city and see people spreading happiness as they stroll down the streets with their loved one in hand. You can sense the love they have for each other for about a mile out. You find yourself smiling as they grin at each other and giggle.

Suddenly, you feel cold. Empty. Your heart squeezes inside your chest as you remember all the pain he put you through. The one person you loved so much, betrays you and breaks you. You squeeze your eyes shut but never remembered to stop walking. Suddenly, you bump into something, something hard. Hands catch you when you begin to fall backwards and your eyes shot open. You refocus your blurry vision from those tears that you never noticed fall. You see a man in front of you, looking very worried. He pushed your blonde locks out from your face and you feel yourself lean into the touch.

"Are you okay?" his strong accent made your broken heart, flutter. His curly hair blew with the wind around his forehead, your hand reached to push them back but you stopped. You then remembered he asked you a question but those piercing blue eyes made you get lost as if you were in an ocean, you can feel yourself, nod helplessly and walk out of his hands that were still around you. You don't know this man, you probably won't ever see him again, you don't live here.

He never broke eye contact, even when you took a couple of steps backwards and whispered, "Thank you", before turning around and continuing wondering around the city.

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You decided to stop at a cafe that looked very appealing and aesthetic. She sat in the booth in the very back so she can warm up in peace. The bitter cold winter hit Paris hard. As she sat in the cafe, watching how people acted and welcomed her in very nicely, she never noticed the boy walk in and find her sitting alone, looking all bundled up in her winter coat. He felt the hope of getting to know her more, he felt so attracted to her but yet knew nothing about her.

He slid into her booth which caught her attention as she gasped, surprised the same man who she bumped into had found her once again.

Sometimes you just can't escape love.

Love finds you at your lowest point. As if it knows.

You find yourself staring into the eyes of a gorgeous curly haired man. He chuckles as he notices your confusion and your adorable face as you watch him.

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He starts off by asking if you'd like to get some coffee with him and get to know each other more. You were more than happy to.

You sat there with him, telling stories and giggling every once in a while since he seems to amuse you so much. You tell him after spending the whole afternoon with him that it was time for you to go back to your hotel because it was getting dark.

He walks you to your hotel and ends up handing you a note before leaving you stranded as you stand in front of your hotel building. But you feel like you missed something so you run towards him and he turns around just in time for you to wrap your hands around his neck as you give him a long hug before pulling away and saying,

"Goodbye stranger."

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