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You are amazing exactly as you are, and nobody will ever be like you.
-dont forget that. ever

Love. Love is a drug. Some choose to explore it and some choose to stay away from it.

Love. Love will come find you either way. Love isn't something you can escape.

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Love. Love has its ways of coming into your life, unexpected. It also has its way of leaving just as fast as it came and leaving you with a broken heart.

Let me tell you a story of a girl whom fell in love with a boy who never noticed her. A boy who she will deeply remember.

This boy was a boy who had the looks, had the athletic capability, and had the heart of gold, that every girl swooned for.

This all started as the girl came in her freshman year into what they call high school. He was a sophomore, so a gap was there but it wasnt big enough to scare her away. In fact, nothing would scare her away. The girl gave zero care about what others thought. She only followed her heart, she followed it until it shattered, it shattered one day because of him, because she was not brave enough to talk to him and tell him her feelings that seemed to grow each time they made eye contact.

Soon, oddly enough, with the perks of having an older brother, she heard about the boy and even seen he quite often. No matter the feelings she had in her heart, she kept them quite, while they sat caged up in that little but yet big heart of hers.

You see, expressing feelings is something we all do. We have a lot of benefit from it like for example, we feel like a weight has been taken off of our chest, the other person knows how we feel so we can communicate easily to them but like every situation we have some doubts like, we get rejected, the other person doesn't value your feelings and or they simply don't care and humiliate you.

That right there, those reasons of doubt is what killed her heart. All those emotions caged up in that heart of hers couldn't handle it. He filled her up with such strong emotions, that cage of hers was so big, she felt heavy, heavy weight from it. All those emotions, yet not one single courage to say how she felt.

Hmmm, let's see how that plays out.

She felt like she had a chance. She caught him staring at her while she talked with a friend, multiple times. How is it that two people like each other but don't have the courage to express themselves.

We all have a voice, a voice that we declare what we want and what is rightfully ours. Theirs seemed to be gone in the midst of their emotions.

As the years go on, she seemed to never forget him or her feelings for him and as for him, he seemed to always be dazed by her beauty but never said a word to her. Even when they were partners for a gym game they played. He simply stood by her, making only her heart beat fast while he bent over and rubbed his calves while claiming he was very sore. She could only chuckle, she was going to ask him if it was because of baseball but she figured she'd sound like a stalker so she kept her mouth shut.

They won all the games. Out of 9 teams, they were first. Just like he was first to claim into her heart, her freshman year.

Surely, he broke her heart even though it was mostly she that broke her own heart loving him. One cool morning as her brother pulled into a parking spot, she glanced to the car next to their and surely there he was, not alone like he usually was but with a blonde girl who claimed the passenger seat. She couldn't look at them so as soon as she noticed that girl she turned and faced her brother, while he spoke with a friend.

Love. Love is something else.

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but do love. It is incredible when you do find your person, so believe.