Hey you ! How is your day ? Today I'm back for probably my last back to school article. In fact, I take off for Portugal tomorrow, for ten days. So during my vacation the will be no article. And when I come back, there's still one week before I start school. So I could make an article during this week, tell me if you want something related to school and what ? I'm opened to any proposition so just dm me :)

Anyway, today I'm back to give you some tips to have effective study session ! Let's go

Background sound

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I don't know about you, but I hate silence, like it's freaking me out. I know I'm not the only one. So when I'm studying I like to put some calm music in the background.

But this year, I made a discover. Background noises is just the best for me to stay focus. I personally love having Harry Potter background noises. But there's a really cool site for this named Noisli, I really recommend it !


Drinks that will wake up your brain

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It's been proved in a study that drinking hot drinks while you're studying helps your mind to be more aware and stay focus. I personally love coffee when I'm studying but you can drink tea, hot chocolate, plant based milk... Just drink what you like, but keep yourself hydrated !

Session's goals

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Before starting your session, take a post-it, a pen and just write your goals for the session. It could be like finish my math homework, do chemistery flashcards... Then put it in a place you can see it during the all session. It will motivated you !

45 /15 method

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Once again, it's been proved that the 45/15 method is the most effective one. For the ones who don't know it : you study for 45 minutes straight, then you take a quick break for 15 minutes. I recommend you to go out of the room where you're studying during your breaks.

Keep the essantials

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This is the most important one ! Find a place where you like to study and where you can stay focused. When you found that place, keep the essentials. If you do some english, you don't need your calculator.

That's all for today. See you soon, enjoy your last weeks of vacation, take good care of yourself, all the love.