What is the point of this article?, you may ask.
Well, the main point is to get you to sit down, grab some popcorn, and watch one of the most beautiful movies out there.

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I am also listening to the soundtrack of the movie while writing this. You should probably do the same

Now, I should probably say that there will be spoilers. If you don´t want spoilers, read the titles, not the actual text underneath the pictures.

Let me just start by saying that this movie is not a love story.

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As it literally says at the beginning of the movie.

There are many reasons why this is one of my all-time favorite movies. Let me start with this;

Summer is not a Manic pixie dream girl

This is something that is very misunderstood about this movie. People seem to think that Summer is the perfect Manic pixie dream girl, which she most definitely is not.

Now, if you don´t know what a Manic pixie dream girl is, this may be very confusing. So let me tell you briefly about this phenomenon.

The Manic pixie dream girl is a character in movies and books whose sole purpose is to make the male character "complete". She is quirky, shallow and adventurous. She is often a little childish even. A perfect example of this is Kirsten Dunst´s character in Elizabethtown.
There are a few male characters like this as well, but it is definitely not as common. One example of that is Edward in Twilight.

Now, the two main reasons why Summer is not a Manic pixie dream girl is;

  • She has a backstory
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Even though it is brief, she has one. Mpdg´s (my term for, well, you know what) often do not have backstories. This is to make her seem more perfect and without flaws and very much shallow. In Summer´s backstory, we get to know that she has, throughout her life, gotten pretty much everything she wants. This may have made her pretty oblivious to other people's feelings, which comes into the movie later.
  • She has her own wants and needs
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As I said while explaining what a Mpdg is, I mentioned that their sole purpose is to make the man complete. But Summer has her own wants and needs. She says she doesn´t like relationships because they´re messy and people´s feelings get hurt. She also says "You don´t believe a woman could enjoy being free and independent?".

Tom does not understand love

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Tom wants Summer to be a Manic pixie dream girl because that is how he sees love. He thinks that he can´t be happy until he finds the one. And when Summer comes into his life, liking the same music as him, taking him on adventures, etc. he thinks she is the one.
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It´s always about him. Never about her. He always talks about how she makes him feel, never about how she is as a person. Even when Summer opens up to him and tells him things she has never told anyone before, he doesn´t listen to what she has to say. Instead, he makes it all about himself, thinking that he must be special for her to open up to him.

It´s cinematically beautiful

(Is that even a word?)

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It is so genius! I don´t even know what to say except it´s beautiful.

It is funny

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It has many more moments like these where you just can´t help but chuckle.

It shows growth

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Tom actually grows and becomes more aware of what love really is.
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He is more mature and secure in himself.

But most importantly, he went from this...

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To this...

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Now, I hope you will go watch this movie! Because otherwise, I have wasted an hour of my day :)