this my favs kpop songs (only songs with mv) of january - june 2019 (yeah i know we are in august and i'm late haha)

20. Q&A - Cherry Bullet

q&a, qna, and cherry bullet image kpop, q&a, and cherry bullet image
"The night will continue with our own Q&A"

19. Beautiful Goodbye - Chen

Chen, exo, and kim jongdae image Chen, exo, and kim jongdae image
"Let’s say our last goodbyes, I pray that before this time ends, you can find happiness."

18. 19 - Stray Kids

kpop and stray kids image idol, skz, and stray kids image
"Why does this day feel like it’s passing by so quickly. When I count to three can everything disappear like a dream and I go back to where I was before."

17. Lovedrunk - Epik High ft Crush

epik high, dj, and kpop image epik high, korea, and music image
"Maybe while I was erasing you, I erased myself."

16. No Reason - Heize

mv, solo, and heize image mv, heize, and no reason image
"There's no reason.. It's just you."

15. No One - Lee Hi ft B.I

kpop, lee hi, and korean image kpop, no one, and b.i image
"Now I want to be with someone. I want to get rid of this loneliness. I don’t wanna be alone anymore."

14. La La Love - Cosmic Girls

exy, wjsn, and 우주소녀 image k-pop, cosmic girls, and lee luda image
"You came to me without warming and shook me up. Ringing across my once calm heart."

13. Superhuman - NCT 127

johnny, kpop, and mark image album, hq, and kpop image
"I keep shouting to myself you're so super !"

12. Twit - Hwasa

kpop, hwasa, and mamamoo image mamamoo and hwasa image
"You give me a lot, but why are you the only one feeling unhappy? Because you breathe only for me."

11. Bom - Bol4

bom, jiyoung, and bolbbalgan4 image kpop, jiyoon, and bom image
"Why does it feel kinda fluttering, I like the spring breeze. It blows in my heart too."

10. Noir - Sunmi

noir, wonder girls, and sunmi image kpop, lee, and sunmi image
"We are in noir. There’s nothing more with you."

9. Thinking Bout You - Katie

axis, kpop, and solo image katie kim image
"I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you. And I don’t know what I’m gonna do."

8. Cat & Dog - TXT

soobin, txt, and kpop image txt, kpop, and tomorrow x together image
"I don’t wanna be just friends. It's no coincidence, it's a kitty-incidence."

7. Violeta - Iz*One

kpop, mv, and sakura image kpop, mv, and yuri image
"You’re my violeta. I’ll protect you, I’ll shine on you brightly."

6. Snapping - Chungha

chungha, kpop, and snapping image kpop, snapping, and korean beauty image
"With twisted movements, even if I steal you for a moment. Snapping, snapping I’ll let you go."

5. Kill This Love - Blackpink

Inspiring Image on We Heart It blink, lisa, and yg image
"We must kill this love, yeah, it's sad but true. Gotta kill this love before it kills you too."

4. Dalla Dalla - ITZY

itzy, kpop, and korean image kpop and itzy image
"Don't measure me by your standards alone. I love being myself, I'm nobody else."

3. Fancy - Twice

Image removed twice, fancy, and sana image
"You there, I fancy you. I don't want just anyone."

2. I'm OK - iKON

Ikon, bobby, and kpop image aesthetic, bi, and bobby image
"You don't have to have pity on me. You don't have to stay with me, I'm fine. I’m OK."

1. Boy with Luv - BTS ft Halsey

bts, jungkook, and jimin image bts, taehyung, and v image
"I've waited all my life. I want to be with you through everything."