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song that introduced you to kpop // nobody - the wonder girls
Temporarily removed makeup, eyeshadow, and pink image
"i want nobody, nobody but you."
a song from your ult boy group // home - seventeen
love, couple, and train image Seventeen image
"though we're far away, the memories bring us closer."
a song from your ult girl girl group // la vie en rose - iz one
izone, la vie en rose, and yujin image pink, aesthetic, and phone image
"the light in your eyes gets deeper and inside my reddened heart burns up and makes me dance."
a song from your favourite male soloist // neverland - holland
fashion, shoes, and style image gay, idol, and kpop image
"look for a rainbow to fly, i could be your love."
a song from your favourite female soloist // snapping - chung ha
Image by 𝐋𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐚_𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 aesthetic, pastel, and pale image
"i usually like water but you make me stale."
your favourite collab song // soulmate - zico [feat iu]
Image removed kpop, soulmate, and zico image
"with increasing expression, you make me write and draw."
a title track with a music video you love // all night - astro
kpop, mj, and astro image aesthetic, purple, and tea image
"i just want to listen to this one thing all night, i only want to listen to your voice."
your favourite song right now face - woosung
aesthetic, eyes, and eye image face, idol, and kpop image
"i like your taste, you take me to space."
a song you like from a group you don't stan // butterfly
Image by Loup Temporarily removed
"a folded paper moon, like i'm wandering in between."
a song that makes you happy // mikrokosmos - bts
header, layout, and twitter image bts, jungkook, and jimin image
"i look at you and dream."
a song that makes you sad // like we used to - the rose
dojoon, the rose, and woosung image rose, fire, and aesthetic image
"those times were better, those days were happier."
a song you think everyone should listen to // instagram - dean
aesthetic, art, and bright image aesthetic, alt, and dean image
"there's a hole in my heart, nothing can fill it up."
your favourite debut song // dalla dalla - itzy
stage, pink neon, and itzy image aesthetic, cafe, and theme image
"bad, bad, i'm sorry i'm bad, i'm just the way i am."
best song of the year (so far) // fancy - twice
Temporarily removed twice, fancy, and kpop image
"shining most brightly in the dark universe, the star, the star, and your big star next to it."
a song you like with a number in it // 134340 - bts
minimalist, neutral, and soft image kpop, white, and bts image
"it’s not much different from yesterday ay, same old days, except you’re not here."
a song that reminds you of summer // holiday - seventeen
palm tree, vacation, and travel image Seventeen, vernon, and seungkwan image
"here is paradise, i need more."
a song you never get tired of // don't wanna cry - seventeen
Seventeen, jun, and mingyu image blue, aesthetic, and paint image
"when half of me is gone, how can i live as one?"
a song that makes you dance immediately // shine - pentagon
dog, pug, and puppy image pentagon, kino, and hui image
"i'm a loser who loves you,"
a song by a unit you love // simon says - nct 127
gif, simon says, and nct image Image removed
"simon says we're a real vibe killer."
a song you recommend // who do u love? - monsta x [feat. french montana]
planet, theme, and dark image Image removed
"who's the one you think of night and day?"

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