Day 17: Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you

Sagitarrius: adventurous, loyal, funny, curious, immature.

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I was born on December, meaning that I'm a sagitarrian. The most famous personality trait about sagitarrius is that they are adventurous, loves to explore the world. I'm gonna admit that it is true. I really love exploring, places and the world, I really really like to go on an adventure. I don't mind if one of the ways for me to travel the world is by going on a road trip and camping because it is surely fun and it doesn't always have to be fancy all the time. You can just enjoy the nature!

I personally don't fall in love that easily, but when I do, I fall really hard. I stay with one person so long, relationship or friendship, I'm loyal to them. Especially when we're already so close and know each other for so long, I'll try my best to help them when they're at their worst.

I can't really call myself funny because I don't always feel funny? but I do feel proud with my jokes sometimes. I'm not a comedian but I think I do a pretty good job to cheer someone when they're not in the mood to smile.

I am not 100% curious about things. When I find something interesting, I would be so curious and would like to know more about those things. But when I'm not interested at all, I wouldn't even glance at those things.

The last trait is immature. Well, a few people have called me immature but some also said that I'm mature. Ever since I study abroad, I've noticed some changes from myself and one of them is that I become more mature than before. I've learned to live all by myself without my parents in a very far away country, and I managed to survive. I managed to find a solution for my own problems when I have no one to talk to (because I don't have my family next to me and I'm not the kind of person to share everything with my friends. Sometimes when I have a problem, I prefer to keep it all to myself)

There are more traits about sagitarrius but those are probably the famous ones that you guys have heard before.

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