hey guys! I don't know when school starts for you but for me it's on September 15th and I'm already freaking out because this year is the last year of high school and I want it to be special.
So, today I made a list of everything from clothes to stationary I need to buy before school starts to be prepared.
let's start!

new clothes:

jeans and sweatpants

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I feel I have never enough pairs of jeans and to me, they're simple yet stylish
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sweatpants are a must at school, they're so comfy

shirts and hoodies

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I want to buy one of Emma Chamberlain's shirts, their design is very cool
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ok, maybe I shouldn't buy anymore hoodies, I have too many!

stationary for school

pens and highlighters

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I will never get over these stabilo highligters

notebooks and sketchbooks

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for this year, I want the coolest notebooks ever

new iPad case

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this is not really stationery but I need it for school so

skincare and makeup stuff

clay mask and face scrub

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I hate how my skin looks, so I hope these products make it better somehow

new mascara

eye, eyebrows, and beauty image beauty, rimmel, and toofaced image
since this is the only thing I put when I go to school, I'm looking for a good mascara that makes my eyelashes look bomb! any recommendations?

sunscreen and perfume

sunscreen, glossier, and skincare essential image makeup, beauty, and perfume image
again, I'm gonna put these everyday as a must, so I need new ones because I don't have any sunscreen left and I don't like my old perfume anymore

and last but not least I need


sneakers, shoes, and nike image chaussures, grey, and nike image shoes, fashion, and sneakers image shoes, Balenciaga, and fashion image
okay, I still don't know which ones I'm gonna buy but thy need to be white and comfy

and I think that's it! this is everything I need to survive this last year of high school😩.
And you? what do you need to do to get prepared for school/college?
Feel free to message me for any suggestions you would like to make or if you just wanna talk.
I hope I inspired you with this new article and I thank you all so much for reading it!
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love, Yara