Changeling. Something most people brush off, and only those who always seem to have their nose stuck in a book seem to know.

Count the fingers, count the teeth. Fae are incredibly bad at counting, glamour is easy to spot if one knows where to look.

Pagan. Most claim is black, dark, evil worship, but mainly it’s understanding and respecting the nature of the world around you.

Anxious. Finding clues that I am not who I think I am, and my family is an odd twist of both fae and human with religious ties.

Mother. The one with the fae gene, her extra toe, though now long gone, is a sign that there is more to her than actually meets the eye.

Father. Reluctant to change, and yet, changes nature to better suit his own needs without thinking about the later consequences.

Me. Good with numbers, deep respect for nature and hatred for what humans do to it, ten fingers and ten toes, but grew to be missing one tooth.