Hello, darlings! I missed u so much <3

About this article. I was thinking for a long time: should In write this or not. Why? Because there is just a few photos with that series :(( But hey! I want to share my discoveries with you, guys!

My August favorite series: ''Sweetbitter''.

How I find it?
I had this series in my Must to watch list for maybe a year. I found this when, I watched movie ''Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children''. Ella Purnell was one of the main characters in that movie and I absolutely fell in love with her! After some time, in her Instagram I found out, that she's acting in ''Sweetbitter''.

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Actualy, whole of my life, I love restaurant industry (fancy restaurants most) and one of my dream works (future things, after school) is to have my own fancy, but cozy restaurant and be a chef. So I thought, OMG I wanna watch this!!

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These series are based on the national bestseller ''Sweetbitter'' by Stephanie Danler.

Description of ''Sweetbitter'':
A young woman learns how crazy it is to work in a restaurant. (there so many different descriptions, idk which one is original :D)

Why I loved this series?
I loved cast, vibe. The whole series were perfect!

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Cast of ''Sweetbitter'':
Ella Purnell, Eden Epstein, Daniyar, Jimmie Saito, Tom Sturridge, Evan Jonigkeit, Jasmine Mathews, Paul Sparks, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Katerina Tannenbaum.

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Did you watch “Sweetbitter” already?
If yes, did you like it?
No? Don’t wait, go and watch!


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