Hello lovely hearters!!

I hope y'all are doing well.I am beyond excited as I'm writing what happens to be my third article on here!!!!

I had decided to write a playlist article for the ongoing month a long time ago but unfortunately I had some issues with my laptop. * sigh *

Anyway fast forward to August 2019 and here I am with a good ol' playlist for August.

So without further ado let's begin!!

  • Neighbourhood - American Authors ft. Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE
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"I said goodbye so long to my neighbourhood and I know I'll see you again 'cause I'll always always come back to my neighborhood."
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"I make no promises I can't do golden rings but I'll give you everything tonight."
  • Melody - Lost Frequencies and James Blunt
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"And I'm counting on your love,hey melody."
  • Home - Gabrielle Aplin
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"I'm a phoenix in the water,a fish that's learnt to fly and I've always been a daughter but the feathers are meant for the sky."
  • Hard to love - Calvin Harris ft. Jessie Reyez
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"Baby I rather be hard to love than easy to leave."
  • No Roots - Alice Merton
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"I build a home and wait for someone to tear it down,then pack it up in boxes head for the next town running."

With that I'd like to wrap it up for now.I hope that y'all enjoy reading this a as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for giving so much love to the last article and I hope this one also manages to get appreciation.

Do make sure to check out these songs if you're looking for some gems to add to your playlists.

Your support is much appreciated and suggestions/feedbacks are always welcome so don't feel shy to stop by and pm me (My inbox reeks of isolation and loneliness lol.)


All the love-A ;)