• A

anthem - ikon

Temporarily removed Image removed

remember how happy were we all after news that we will get double b unite? FCK YG

  • B

bubble pop - hyuna

kpop, pink, and hyuna image album, kpop, and hyuna image

waiting for our queen's great comeback

  • C

chewing gum - nct dream

chewing gum, jaemin, and haechan image chewing gum, kpop, and jaemin image

superior debut from superior unite

  • D

dream girls - ioi

girl group, kpop, and pastel image comeback, ioi, and dream girls image

you don't listen to this song on daily basics and it shows

  • E

eureka - zico & zion.t

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


  • F

face - woosung

face, kpop, and sammy image face, kpop, and sammy image

if you haven't listen to it yet right now close this article and check it, your life automatically will become better

  • G

good night - dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher, girl group, and girl groups image dreamcatcher, girl group, and girl groups image

they are too good for kpop

  • H

hero - monsta x

gif, kpop, and wonho image

i add gif cuz choreo as legendary as song

  • I

instagram - dean

quotes, aesthetic, and black and white image alternative, black and white, and dean image

sponsor of all my emo hours

  • J

jackpot - block b

Temporarily removed Image by Andy

basically their best mv in my opinion. so colorful and so crazy

  • K

knock knock - twice

Image removed Image removed

it didn't become as iconic as cheer up or tt but still really good

  • L

lonely - 2ne1

2ne1, lonely, and mv image 2ne1, lonely, and panda image

i think everyone on certain point had this song as life anthem

  • M

married to the music - shinee

Temporarily removed Jonghyun, k-pop, and key image

one of the best kpop songs ever fight me

  • N

new face - psy

Image removed gινε тнε cяεdιтѕ. and psy icons image

who else can join together whole kpop together despite of all shit and conflicts? legend indeed

  • O

overdose - exo

exo, baekhyun, and baekhyunee_exo image exo, kai, and tao image

superior era

  • P

pretty u - seventeen

dino, DK, and jun image dino, DK, and jun image

i miss this cute soft concept so much

  • Q

question - stray kids

Chan, felix, and funny image gif, han, and kpop image

still their crackheadest street version ever

  • R

really really - winner

fandom, kpop, and winner image kpop, winner, and really really image

soty 2017 tea

  • S

stop stop it - got7

k-pop, got7, and stop stop it image Image removed

everyone clowning it for no reason, my all time favorite got7's title. i mean kinda strange looks (poor jackson) don't make whole song and era bad HAJIMA HAJI HAJI HAJIMA IT

  • T

tmi - gray

l y r i c s

  • U

um oh ah yeh - mamamoo

gif, kpop, and mamamoo image

i just like it so much

  • V

vibe - 1team

kpop, bc, and junghoon image bc, kpop, and rubin image

they gonna be great remember my words

  • W

woman - boa

boa and SM image beautiful, boa, and mv image


  • X

x1-ma - produce x 101

produce x 101, pdx101, and dongpyo image produce x 101, pdx101, and dongpyo image

i miss all of them so much

  • Y

yestoday - nct u

Image by Soul kpop, nct, and lucas image

one day we will get another like empathy era with all nct unites as one

  • Z

zone - 3racha

gif, kpop, and 3racha image Image removed

girls don't need boys they need 3racha to become official skz unite with own releases

thanks for reading