Madison has tears in her eyes: Goodbye...
Then she closes her eyes.She tears.And disappears.
Jayden feels a pain in his heart.He puts his hand on his heart.Alexa sees him.She gets worried about him.
-Are you Ok?
In that moment, the pain of his heart disappears.He looks at Alexa.
Alexa also looks at Jayden.She gets sad.
-Madison...said goodbye tot you?
Jayden looks at her.He is puzzled.
-Who is Madison?
Alexa is surprised.She looks at Jayden.
-You...really don’t know who is Madison?
Jayden looks at Alexa.
-I really don’t know. And I don’t want to know about that girl that you talk about.
-No. I want to know about you.
Alexa is surprised.She looks at him.
-Yes. What is your name?
Alexa looks at Jayden.Jayden also looks at Alexa.
Alexa: You forgot about Madison...And you also forgot about me.
Jayden looks at Alexa.He smiles.
-My name is Jayden!
Alexa looks at him.
-Alexa. My name is Alexa.
-Nice to meet you, Alexa!
Alexa looks at Jayden She gets nervous.Her heart begin to beat faster: I will also forget that we already met and I will pretend that we met now for the first time. Is a new chance for me to meet you again and now I know you don’t have a girlfriend.
She looks at him.She smiles.
-Nice to meet you too, Jayden!
He looks at Alexa.He smiles.She also looks at him and smiles.
They both look at each other and smile.

To be continued...
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