K-pop makes me happy but some people thinks my liking for k-pop is not good because they think that it can affect my grades. My parents told me to lessen my addiction for k-pop and I was very surprised that they called it addiction because its is not. I mean.. SOME of the parents do not like k-pop because they think it is not good for their kids.. because you know staying up all night watching videos of them, forgets to study when there is an upcoming exam, always on phone, not interacting with people, never comes out of the room, they also think that k-pop is bad influence to their children which is never true. To be honest k-pop changed me in a good way.. they inspired me to keep going and never give up on my dreams. I hope one day people.. not only parents respect k-pop.
Tip 1: Get good grades while stanning k-pop so at the end your parents will realise that you can actually do this and that while liking k-pop and they will be very proud of you.

I also don’t get it why people keep on hating k-pop.. like.. I know you have your opinion and even though no one asked for it you have the right to share it but can you please say it in a nice way. I always see hate comments on youtube which are very hateful and it really shows that they are jealous. I see “Omg K-pop is gay I hope they f****** die”, “BTS doesnt sing! Im sure they lip sync..” and other hateful comments. I also see death threats which always scare me because I never thought people will get at that point where they will send death threats. But the thing is.. WHY? Just why? I know you hate it but.. you can just tell them why you dont like about them and if you do that they might improve.. because there are people who hate something without a reason. And if you don’t like an artist’s face then keep it to yourself because its not like they picked their own face and change it in to a better one, I know they can get a face surgery but its their choice and you dont have the right to tell them what to do with their face because its their face bitc- okay im getting a bit aggressive because I remember a video where haters disrespect korean idols.

Tip 1: (for haters) If you dont like a k-pop idol/group then at least respect it if you cant then just forget that there is that k-pop idol/ group and dont hate it.

Tip 2: (for fans) If you see a hater please tell them to stop hating IN A GOOD WAY because if you stop them in a bad way like cursing and being mean.. they will think that we are toxic fans which are not true.

I will also have another article about Fake fans of K-pop very soon💖