One week until school and I am not prepared at all. But who is actually prepared for school? Will it be like the last one or will it be the best schoolyear of your life. In my case it is the last time I will visit my school as a student ever again. That’s because I am hopefully going to a University in little bit more than a year.

To be honest I am feeling a lot of stress lately. Especially because of my future. So, I thought I would start something like a Dairy? – even though I do not want to call it like that. Therefore, I am going to call it: Just an ordinary girl, really. Because that is what I am basically. But like every other girl I have got a lot of bullshit on my mind and therefore I will talk a little about my personal stuff but also about topics that are bordering me.

Maybe I will do this regularly or maybe not. Who knows? But I’ve got most certainly nothing to lose. Perhaps it is a good way to relief some stress and to be distracted and productive at the same time.

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Sooo where do I start…

Like I said, school is really stressing me out, but I am also really excited. I want to be a better student and really concentrate on my grades, but I’ve got just one week to finish all my preparation for school - it looks bad to be honest, but I have not given up yet! Besides that, I will see my friends again - like every day - and that makes me so damn happy. Because of school I also will have something that keeps me busy throughout the week. (Do not get me wrong! I like being in my bed, binge watching Netflix, but I am not the person that is able to keep this lifestyle up for more than two weeks!)

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It is quite weird that I am thinking so much about school although I am on vacation. Actually, my friends and I have that code that you are not allowed to talk about school in your holidays, but I am always the one that steps out of line (Sorry.) But I will try, at least for the next couple of days.

To stop myself from thinking about school I thought maybe I could talk a little about my present favourite things to do? Yeah…I don’t really know where this article is going but I will see.

For example, I am really into this Podcast And that’s why we drink on Spotify. It is about scary stories and true crime stories that make me lock my door before I go to sleep. But it is really entertaining, and I am basically not doing anything else than listening to this podcast. I really recommend it for long bus, train or car rides but also for sitting on the balcony with a comfy blanket and a hot coffee. For everyone who is interested, here is a link:

Speaking of coffee! It is probably the best thing on this world that has ever been innovated. I drink coffee every day and sometimes I do wonder if it is bad for my help but then I think: Nah, it can’t be that bad if it is legal. Coffee just makes everything better. I will probably go make one right after writing this article.

Here's a good collection for all coffee maniacs <3

But even better than just drink to coffee is drinking coffee and listening to something chill – it doesn’t matter if Lofi, Pop or Jazz. It is just such a good vibe and it also helps me studying (and here I go again but I will stop!).

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Here are also some playlists I would recommend (the best vibes, I promise):

- Spotify & Chill:
- Chill Lofi Study Beats:

I guess that’s it for now. I’ve got nothing more to tell and as you can see my life is really basic (but happy!). I’ll see if I am going to do another part of this – after all it is not that interesting and life changing.

12.08.2019 | last week of summer vacation