❝ It's not a case of doing what's right, it's just the way I feel that matters❞

- Play For Today by The Cure

A strong willed softball player who is determined to find out the secrets the government has to hide. She's incredibly persistent, witty, and quick on her feet. Her heart belongs to the studious Nancy Wheeler and is friends with Dawn and Tammy Thompson. A girl at seventeen who is ready to take down anomalies.

My Eileen collection gained a lot of likes and so I decided it was only right I do a proper article to give her character more depth and explanation. I think where the series is going, she'll probably end up liking Robin throughout or after the fourth season.

Eileen Priscilla Richards

Eileen - Meaning "bright, shining one" originating from native Irish Gaelic language. I chose this name because of my favorite song "Come on Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners/

Priscilla - A Latin name that means ancient. I decided that her mother chose her middle name because she was such a big Elvis fan so she named her child after his wife.

Richards - Coming from name Richard and meaning "powerful or brave," the Richard surname is Germanic in origin.


Eileen is a very bold girl who always somehow gets in trouble. She's sarcastic and witty, but loves working in a team. She's skilled at sports but loves watching TV and reading sci-fi novels. She believes there is a greater unknown out there and she's determined to find out what it is. Eilieen is a rather rebellious girl who doesn't like being contained in the house very often and could care less what her stepmom says. She finds herself always in trouble, because she's not very lady-like and isn't really responsible, though she knows how to get out of trouble as fat as she can get into it.


She comes from a broken family, and primarily lives with her dad and stepmom. Every summer since middle school, she flies to New Mexico to visit her mom who works as a radiologist at a hospital. Her dad has a job at the police station. Her stepmother is a hair dresser and part time Avon lady who has a son a bit older than her but he's off at college. She stopped getting along with her dad after he remarried because he always sides with her stepmom so that's why she hates being home. The summer before season 3, she swore she saw a UFO when she drove out into the desert and only enhanced her interest in extraterrestrials. The summer of 85, she didn't go to her mom's for the summer. She stayed and noticed the rats in the dumpster behind the diner acting strange. With that, she reports it to the Hawkins Post and Nancy responds which leads her to join Nancy and Jonathan in their investigation.


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Some of her favorite things

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The girls on her softballl team, Nancy, Jonathan, Dawn, and Robin

Love Interests

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Nancy and Robin

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