I started using natural makeup & skincare about 4 years ago, at the encouragement of several friends. I didn’t realize that laws in the US allow cosmetics makers to use thousands of chemicals that are banned in Europe.

Beautycounter is one of my favorite natural beauty brands - their products consistently work as well as the high end conventional products that I used to use. BC commits to using only clean, safe ingredients (check out their Never List to see the 1500 chemicals they will never use). They also recently gave their packaging a makeover, replacing many plastic bottles with glass, phasing out unnecessary plastic pieces, and minimizing boxing.

I initially tried BeautyCounter when I couldn’t find a natural lipstick that didn’t smear & bleed. I love natural products, but I’m also not going to sacrifice functionality, and I was impressed that their Color Intense lipstick felt and stayed as well as conventional lipsticks. (It’s also so dang tasty and has none of the scary chemicals!) Easy hack - you can transform any BeautyCounter lipstick into a perfect sheer stain by using a base of the lip conditioner. It’s like getting 2 looks from one lipstick!

I also gave their skincare line a shot- and full disclosure, I’ve treated myself to high end skin products since my early 20’s (as a preventative measure, right?). I wasn’t going to settle for just anything. I love the CounterTime line, and it really is comparable to Creme de la Mer.


- Your makeup routine is one of the easiest places to reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals you are exposed to.

- The beauty industry is shockingly unregulated - formaldehyde and cancer causing phthalates are in most makeup, even expensive brands. Our skin is covered in pores that absorb all these products we use! Choose brands that do the work for you, and commit to using clean, safe ingredients.

- I love that Beautycounter lobbies Congress to pass regulations to make the beauty industry safer for everyone!

If you are interested in awesome skincare with a commitment to cruelty-free products, then check out my blog posts more on BeautyCounter below! :)