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This week has been extremely weird idk why and I am so ready for it to be Monday already and have a fresh start. On the happy note I am returning to writing articles, I forgot how cool this actually is and how healing it can be.

On another note I am obsessed with Money Heist, I finished the show in four days

Day 2: Something you are Scared of

The Darkness

Look I know this sounds like something a little kid would answer when asked by their best friend in the playground. RIDICULOUS I KNOW! But hear me out, lets meditate about this together as the good friends we are.

I do know how I got this fear, it wasn’t because I was a little kid or anything. Shit did happen. In that time my dad had a friend lets name her R and she had a son that I don’t recall his name to be honest.

One time we were visiting them at their house and here is where my freaking terror started! It all started thanks to that stupid 12 year old. (I was 6 years old). In that time there was a viral horror video in which a blurry image turned into a HORRIBLE MONSTROUS FACE (holy crap) and jump scared you. So I was chilling in the kitchen with R eating some ice cream and this dude calls me over to show me something.

computer, aesthetic, and old image scarry image

Me as the cute 6 year old I was, went skipping and happy cuz “yay I had a friend!” Naive. I sat down in front of the computer and HELL BROKE LOOSE. I saw the blurry image and leaned forward and forward and forward until THE HORRIBLE FACE appeared in the screen. I started crying so hard, I was paranoid, my dad couldn’t make me open my eyes. I was asking for my mom so we said goodbye (I didn’t....umm I was too busy bawling my eyes out) and drove across town to my house.

I still remember my dad knocking on my mom’s door, he was carrying me as I cried on his shoulder, and my mom opening quickly cuz she could hear me crying. She gave me a hug, let my father in and locked the door. She gave me a glass of water and told me to go to her room because the TV was on. The house was all dark and to reach her room you have to go through the dark family room. I was terrified, it was just 5 or 6 steps but I was petrified, there looking at the darkness and imagining the horrible face pulling out from the blackness.

aesthetic, neon, and pink image black, bed, and bedroom image

Mom told me to go and that she was watching me from the kitchen, I ran and jumped on the bed so the face couldn’t pull me from under the bed.

I realized some years later that being in a dark room gave me so much anxiety that I would cry and feel dizzy. I would go pale and weak on my knees. But I also realized that I wasn’t afraid of the dark exactly but of the idea of something or someone hiding in the dark with me in the room.


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Well I guess that's it!
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