Inspired by some challenges, i decided to make my own challenge, putting all the infomation i need in one only article . Hope you ejoy it!


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My character is Ana Fiore. But her family kindly calls her Flor.

Age and Birthday

Birthday: 21th October 2000

Place of Birth

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Ostuni, Italy. She still lives there

Height and Weight

Height: 1.61m. She thinks it's tall
Weight: 60kg


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She is in the year 5, last year of High school in Italy, the technical course she does is arts


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She looks exactly like her father, the curly hair, the brown eyes and the brown skin, but she has freckles and smile like her mother.


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Angela & Giuseppe. Best parents. The kind of love that used to inpire Ana.


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Giovanni is Ana's twin brother. That's right, they're bivitelines twins, he's taller and cooler than she is (as she thinks). They are famous in the town, even appeared in the local newspaper

Best Friend

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Tammy Yumi. She does mechanic it's really smart and kind.

Love interest

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He's from Mexico but lives in Italy, he met her in the Exchange to Christchurch


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She's Christian

That's all for now. Thank you for reading it!