so, i understand your struggle of trying to find decent playlists and fresh songs to listen to. i took it upon myself to create a couple and link them down below. each playlist are constantly being added to, so give them a listen.


playlist 1: memory triggering

justin bieber, usher, and justin image

this playlist consists of a LOT of throwback tunes. songs from any genre of music from hip hop, all the way to very pop still music.
featured artists: usher, justin bieber, elton john

playlist 2: the door to my soul

music, rex orange county, and alex image

this playlist has all my favorite indie and alternative bops for all you artsy people.
featured artists: rex orange county, clairo, boy pablo, cuco

playlist 3: im not crying, u are

lisa, simpsons, and mood image

finally... the sad song playlist. some songs are about love, some are slow-paced, and some are just out right sad.
featured artists: rihanna, baebadoobee, vance joy, frank ocean


so, that's pretty much it folks. except, i have to add the fact that i have a rap/rnb playlist that is collaborative. i am not linking it just because it was made specifically for my friend and i. if you have any playlist idea's and/or want me to add songs to a certain playlist, dm me on the gram or msg me on here. till next time xx

edit: hello again, and thank you so much for actually giving my playlists a follow. I was not expecting that at all. i do really appreciate it, and i will make sure to keep updating them. <3