Lynae Justine Larke was remembered as a darling child. Sweet, charming, and lovely. What every mother wanted. Lynn was often compared to the wild flowers that grew all around the lakeside, gentle and pretty. The gladiolas, gardenias, and daisies were some of her favorites. She would create flower crowns for her baby sister, for whom she adored, with her small hands. The work was delicate and intricate. One wrong move in the woven pattern of fragile stems and the crown would be crushed. All of her work would be for nothing, and Lynae knew that.

If you look inside the white space,

you can see all of the fault lines

On a crisp fall evening, Lynae was found dead in the courtyard of the abandoned State Asylum. The cause? It was pronounced suicide the morning after she was found at the morgue. That day stood still and all was silent in disbelief. No one understood how the town's darling would do such a thing. She was supposedly perfect. The affect of Lynae's death was a morbid shadow that no one could understand. The only thing left to reminisce Lynn was her kid sister, Violet. Unfortunately, Violet could not compare to Lynn.

Do you want to come looking with me,

I won't tell mom

Lynae was that type of person who was adored by the majority. Tall and slender, she was a graceful ballet dancer. Not to mention, to Violet, Lynn was a gorgeous creature with auburn hair and eyes like the rich soil that held the roots of the forest. Beauty was not only Lynn's forte, but she was praised for her academics on many occasions. Because of her success, she was looked at by a couple Universities.

But I can't promise anything,

So the question still stands. Why did Lynae Larke take her own life?

Except that you will find what you are looking for

There are so many unanswered questions. There are secrets that have been buried in Lynae's casket, things that she has not told anyone. Not that many dare to know. The town has locked this tragedy away. Crooked Lake is trying to forget darling Lynn. She is a thing of the past for this selective group of individuals. They can't be bothered as for now, though the shadow still stands and forever will to some extent.

I can show you all of the secret places,

how to sneak in the cracks and cut up lies

The scope has shifted to Violet, the second hand sister of the golden girl. Violet is grieving for her sister's loss still, but another soul has been brought upon her to take up. She was invisible to them before. Now she has to live up to the rhetoric of society and fill the shoes of rotting sister. Especially for her parents sake, she must take on the role of the charming and perfect daughter.

So what do you say?

They want her to become lovely.

We have to hurry, so make a choice

The thing is, Violet doesn't want to forge her sister's signature. That would be like officially signing a contract to forget Lynn. What is even more scary is that Violet knows that she can't possibly where her sister's skin, even if she does try.

Before the words bleed out the space between the lines,

and cut up your lies