I don't know why I decided to go with this name for the playlist. I guess it just felt right. All my playlist names are weird. Also this article probably won't be my usual aethetic. Whatever.

Anyway, here are the songs I totally recomend listening to.

Medidate - EARTHGANG ft. J.I.D.

Work 4 Me - Jean Deaux ft. Kari Faux

Costa Rica - Dreamville

dreamville, family, and j.cole image dreamville and j.cole image

Mortal Combat - Pivot Gang ft. Kari Faux

aesthetic, black, and boys image Image removed

Freaky - Tory Lanez

tory and lanez image tory lanez image

Wells Fargo - Dreamville

RICKY - Denzel Curry

daddy, lil peep, and ult denzel curry image Abusive image

Cash Shit - Megan Thee Stallion ft. DaBaby

anime, cosplay, and mha image Mature image

Down Bad - Dreamville

Norf Norf - Vince Staples

Hot Shower - Chance the Rapper

1, famosos, and JB image art and chance the rapper image

The Spotify playlist you have all been waiting for:

That's it for me on this article. Hope you enjoyed it.
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