hey, so I thought I would make my friends as aesthetic boards bc I love them. I've also linked their boards in case u like one of their aes. btw this is my big group thats why there are so many.


aesthetic, alternative, and clothes image 90s, grunge, and indie image badger, gryffindor, and harry potter image princess image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Strawberry blonde and full of energy, will break any rules if it mean having fun.


quotes and love image emotions, quotes, and jake peralta image stars, funny, and quotes image anxiety and meme image Temporarily removed bi, printable, and sticker image
Knows all the good illegal movie sites, and is an icon. If she can be bothered to, she could defiantly steal you man or your girl.


Abba and music image Temporarily removed book, hipster, and read image Temporarily removed quotes, movie, and awkward image Temporarily removed
We want to protect her because she is a bean, but she can protect herself. She is the person that you can turn to at any time and she will be there for you.


quotes, grunge, and tumblr image blue, books, and dress image fuck, Hot, and mood image book, shit, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
Acts like she doesn't care, but secretly is one of the softest people ever. Super supportive of you if she cares about you, but if she doesn't then will look at you blankly.


puns, spongebob, and funny image Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️ aesthetic, chaos, and red image Temporarily removed quotes, forget, and aesthetic image quotes, soul, and sweet image
SUPER underrated and someone I really admire. She won't put up with peoples bullshit but wants to help the people that she cares about. Underrates herself sm but also knows her self worth.


red, grunge, and shoes image aesthetic, funny, and message image funny, text, and message image Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
She is a disaster bi and underrates herself. Amazing to talk to and understands stuff that hasn't even happened to her. Someone who has made a huge impact on me and I am so glad I know.


Temporarily removed Image by Rachel Image removed funny and text image quotes, drama, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Very strong about her morals and beliefs. Introverted, but if she's comfortable with you she will have no issue speaking up to you. Will call you out and stand up for you.


funny, McDonalds, and car image Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, sad, and aesthetic image memes, @ayesha_tariq001, and funny image funny, memes, and @ayesha_tariq001 image sabrina carpenter, carpenter, and sabrina image
Would make an amazing emo. Has been through so much shit that she doesn't deserve, yet still is strong. Also funny as hell and will talk with you about literately anything.


Mature image Image removed aesthetic, cosmetics, and flower image lilia buckingham image Image by K Y L I E Temporarily removed
The definition of she knows she all that. Seems to know like everyone and will always give people a second chance.


Temporarily removed quotes, words, and yellow image sword image book, read, and light image overlay, edit, and editing image female, quotes, and strong image
Hates talking about any kind of emotions or feelings, but will beat someone up for you. Also like, really really funny.


pink, aesthetic, and pastel image alice, disney, and drink me image rabbit, bunny, and kawaii image kpop, chuu, and kim jiwoo image Temporarily removed reaction picture, love, and meme image
Is ready to do anything for her friends, and happy to talk with you anytime. Low key one of the best people ever.


adorable, cool, and crown image Temporarily removed Mature image cake, bitch, and birthday image Abusive image Temporarily removed
Kinda oblivious and isn't scared to be a bitch if she wants to. Also is always reading and is trying to convince us to read a Wattpad book.

Me (Esther)

pink, aesthetic, and sensitive image Temporarily removed Mature image lesbian, amber, and gay image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
idk but one of my friends said I should but myself in this too so here I am.