Hi lovers am back and the article is about "Arabic tattoos" that became so trendy lately... Well in the article am gonna give you some examples and i'll translate them for you.

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Let's start with:

1.Names tattoos

Some people love their names or their kids names so much enough to tattoo it in arabic and for example:

arabian, art, and foreign image
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Meriem or Mary in English
arabic, Burberry, and jewels image

2. Familial tattoos

If you have a strong family bonding then those are the best examples:

tattoo image
Sisters in the heart
nails, makeup, and beauty image
tattoo image
Mother's love never dies
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Mother or mom
nails, gold, and tattoo image

3. self love tattoos

Self love tattoos are the best and Selena gomez is a real example

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Image by Kiera Temporarily removed
Love your self first
ابوس حلماتك ياملكة image

4. Religious tattoos

Some religious people and god's belivers like to have a bond with god by tattoos like :

sexy, tattooed girl, and b&w image
In god's hands
arabic, heaven, and عربي image
arabic, tattoo, and عربي image
On God `s will
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"Patience is beautiful" this is taken from Quran
tattoo image
Holiness or sainthood

5. Positive and encouraging words/ quotes tattoos

girl, nails, and tattoo image
Image by november wine
ink, strength, and strong image
فن, بالعربي, and وشم image
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Strength or Power, Energy, Faith in god, Dignity, Balance
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arabian, art, and ink image
aesthetics, arabic, and art image
Mature image
I am light
arab, arabic, and I love it image
"مكتوب" Well if you google the translate will be "written" but in our langugae mean Disteny that means accepting god's plans with open heart
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On the left: Life and on the right: Love

6. Love tattoos/ Quotes

fake, forever, and ink image
Love always
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arabic, tattoo, and tattoo girl image
You can feel love
arabic tattoo my love image
My love

7. Nationalism tattoos

tattoo, nails, and hand image
palestine image
freedom and الحرية image
arabic, freedom, and tattoo image black, negro, and tatuaje image
Liberty/ Freedom
arabic and tattoo image
Free spirit
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8. Couples tattoos

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arab, bracelets, and mine image

9. Wrong translation/ mistake in tattooing

black and white, love life, and love image
I really don't know what she was trying to tattoo but am sure it's not the right word because no one wanna tattoo " I'm moldy" in his arm
tattoo and arabic image
Beauty is imperfection... Really!!
arabian, ink, and newtattoo image
It's supposed to tattoo "Only God can judge me" but instead his tattoo is "Only God can you judge "... The phrase is too messy
وشم, love, and بالعربي image
Translation: "Let love rule" but they write "Let love Al-Qaeda"!! She should write: "دع الحب يحكم"

10. Quotes tattoos

tattoo, arabic, and girl image
Every thing happens for a reason
tatouage, blvck, and arm image
What does not kill you makes you stronger
tattoo, fashion, and dress image
Keep your head up
arabic, inked, and tattoo image
You deserve happiness Don't let anyone makes forget that
Image by ⚘
Madness is genius
accessories, Tattoos, and ink image
Live, Love, Laugh P.s: there is a mistake: she should tattoo "عش أحب اضحك" not "يعيش"
arabic and tattoo image
And this is too will pass
black, inspiring, and pretty image
Behind patience beautiful things are waiting
بالعربي, وشم, and arabic image
And we will live because life is life
black, brunette, and gypsy image
The whole life is just a honor pause
quote, arab, and arabic image
Life will entertain with us and make fun of us.

11. Reminder tattoos

That kind of tattooos that am looking for... It's the type of tattoos that have message to remind your self of things that you as a person belive in.

Temporarily removed
"From dust to dust"... It's means we were created from clay and we will be buried in the dust
Image by ⚘
Be strong and confident
girly, text tattoo, and arab image
Don't do the same thing over and over again or Do not do the same thing over

12. Tattoos make no sense

arabic, girl, and tattoo image
relax, arab, and hand image
The sun and the moon are mine
tattoo image
Temporarily removed
"You are a child in the universe" and yes in arabic we start writing from right to left so is reading but she makes a mistake and read

13. Randoom tattoos

عربي, فلسطين, and arabic image
Long live Palestine free
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Arabic letters fascinated me
arabian, pretty, and arabica image
I'm a human
Temporarily removed
I suffered, So i learned and changed

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