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Madeleine Brown is fifteen years old, attending Hogwarts a few years after the events of the books. Madeleine is a pure-blood, and an only child.


song, Lyrics, and quotes image book, flowers, and aesthetic image Cookies, marshmallow, and socks image love, quotes, and myth image hair, braid, and purple image bathroom, blue, and hair image baking, Cookies, and honey image quotes, good, and aesthetic image
caring, baker, imaginative, romantic, positive, baker, gossip, girly, sweet


Image removed pink, bubblegum, and pastel image hayley kiyoko and girls like girls image flowers, vintage, and girl image
blonde hair, brown eyes, a pointy nose and thin lips. she's short with lightly tanned skin and high cheekbones.


(when out of uniform)

dress, outfit, and pale image fashion, red, and dress image flowers, red, and rose image blouse, top, and fashion image
lots of light pastel colours but with a bit of red thrown in; tight, figure-hugging clothes; summer dresses; light trousers; sandals


red, lips, and lipstick image eyeshadow, palette, and kittens image beauty, gloss, and Queen image gold, purple, and lipstick image
lipstick and lipgloss usually in red or pink colours, lilac or pink eyeshadow. has flawless skin and uses high-quality makeup.


hufflepuff, hogwarts, and fandom image Cookies, food, and aesthetic image book, harry potter, and time turner image ariel, book, and sylvia plath image

Favourite Class

divination, sun, and leaves image cards, crystals, and pastel image crystal and crystal ball image lavender and tea image
madeleine's aunt is a great seer and madeleine's own inner eye began to appear in her second year. when she started to study divination in her third year, it was a revelation. the subject will always be dear to her. (madeleine is also talented in potions and enjoys defence against the dark arts)


animal, bear, and nature image harry potter, animal, and deer image
a brown bear - indicates someone with a great reserve of patience and inner strength


aesthetic, floral, and harry potter image Image by cecilia ❤
cedar wood, unicorn hair core, 12 1/2 inches, brittle


owl, aesthetic, and white image animal, bird, and feathers image
a white barn owl called athena
cat, book, and tea image cat, animal, and vintage image
a ginger cat with a white underbelly called cookie


fun, hp, and story image friends, sunset, and sky image
madeleine has a large group of friends and one absolute best friend - padma, a slytherin. her other friends include lachlan, tyler and luna (fellow hufflepuffs), amongst others.


floral, flowers, and patch image pastel, donuts, and food image pink, pencil, and beyoncé image amour, truth, and vintage image
madeleine dated tyler in her fourth year (last year), but it was never much of a serious thing in her eyes - more puppy love. recently, she's started to notice esther, a gryffindor with dark hair and pale skin. unfortunately, she's not the only one who's interested.


orange and madeleines image art, flowers, and artwork image nails, red, and heart image autumn, coat, and nature image book, aesthetic, and brown image art, beach, and painting image
her absolute number one favourite thing to do is bake. but other than that, she also loves painting, drinking, going for long walks, and reading.

so there she is - madeleine brown. hope you enjoyed :)

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