for most of us, summer is ending. and that's kinda sad and something i really don't want to happen. but it is true and before school starts, there are a few things to make sure you start school the right way! i hope it helps and enjoy the article <3

your sleep schedule

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i can't even begin on how bad my sleep schedule is right now, it's the worst! i stay awake to late in the night and wake up at almost 12.. and even though it's working out for the summer it won't when school starts again. so you should definitely start fixing up your sleep schedule at least week before school starts! there are different ways to do that but for me there's one effective way. one week before school, i start with going to bed half a hour earlier and set an alarm half a hour earlier than i usually wake up, every day a bit earlier. i keep on doing this until i fall asleep and wake up at a decent time.

school supplies

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make sure to get all the supplies you need before school starts!! it really is the worst if you have to buy it while going to school. make a list of everything you need and go shopping!!


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it's time to get your life together!! get yourself a planner and write down every important thing you have coming up. clean your room so that once school starts, you won't have to live in a mess. just get organized!!


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the first week is all about first impressions, so it's important to look good. that being said, it's nice for you to pick out the outfits you want to wear. this way you won't have to stress and you'll be certain you'll look good.


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as i said before, the first week is all about first impressions. so work on yourself!! you could start eating healthier and work out, get your hair and nails done, improve your make up skills or build up a skincare routine; just make sure you're feeling good in your skin.


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now that you've done all that, it's time to pack your bag!!! get all the things you need and put it in your bag. pack an emergency kit for yourself and put all the other school things in that bag!!

i hope you're now all ready to go to school!

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