Hi guys so i know i did this challenge before but i lost my password so i couldn't continue that's why i decided to start over.so i hope you guys enjoy this <3

day 1: ten things that make you happy

1: My boyfriend
okay so i know this one isn't that "special but he does make me very happy and i love him really much.

2: family
Okay so this one isn't that special either but i love my family so much and they always make me happy when i need it

3: animals
I am a real animal lover and they always cheer me up

4: music
music never fails to make me happy and the thing i like about music is that no matter what your mood is there is always that one song that completely goes with that mood

5: taking a walk
I love going out for a walk and just relax and enjoy the beauty of life around us

6: a good book
okay so i know this sounds kind of nerdy but i love sitting on my bed and just read a book and think about nothing else then the story in the book`

7: cuddles
I just LOVE cuddles

8: good food
Too make me happy you just need to make lasagne or pizza or maybe some nacho's.... damn i'm getting hungry already..... oh yes uhm yeah i just love good food

9: A good hot shower
i love relaxing in a hot shower after a long day

10: sleep
Who doesn't like to sleep am i right

okay guys that were 10 things that make me happy i will add day 2 tomorrow so make sure to check it out byeeeee