I'm scared about writing this article also, becouse everybody who knows me, also knows I'm brave only when I am scared to death..soo that's not soo much, but I can get better and you too with my small help.

There are no rules for being brave

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That's the only one thing what you need to know about bravery. Of course you need to know,when to be brave and when to run.
Wait, that's not really brave

I know, it'confusing but I'll help you. If you are struggle with toxic boyfriend/friend/relate it's not brave to stay but cut them off and run away from them. If you'll stay you wouldn't be brave ,you will be just another girl in trap and they'll use you again,agin and again..

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Soo Do you know now ,what means bravery?

Still not? Okey, you think you know..I think I know.. But we don't know. We need to be brave in our hearts not only in our minds.
It's brave to slap somebody,who get you angry?
It's brave to argue with somebody about true?
It's brave to tell the person who you love about your feelings?
How you answered? The first two questions actually aren't about bravery. They are abou selfdefending and standing to true.
The third question is about bravery.. I weren't brave enough to do it, but I hope you are.. I already lost him soo many times..
Soo, Please be braver than me

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I hope I will tell you more about bravery next time, becouse I am still learning how to be brave, how to be myself and next time I will tell you something about another feature,feeling and different stuff.

Bye for now