In case you have not noticed the title is a parody of episode 7 name.
This is just an article with a bunch of photos about the Euphoria cast.

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girl, bed, and morning image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed stars, glitter, and grunge image Temporarily removed Abusive image
Suddenly, the whole world goes dark and nothing else matters except the person standing in front of you.


stars, eyes, and glitter image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pink, baby, and grunge image girl and skate image
No room for heteronormativity in here.


anime, bands, and bmth image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed grunge, black, and sad image
The universe is just out here giving like zero fucks.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It dark, grunge, and theme image eye, photography, and door image motel, light, and neon image carnival, Greece, and lights image body, guy, and Hot image
At night, I fall asleep to you, and in the morning, I wake up to you. I kind of feel closer to you than I do anyone in the world.


Image by clara light, fun, and ferris wheel image lips image Inspiring Image on We Heart It money, aesthetic, and Nude image aesthetic, feminist, and girl power image
I guess I just wanted to hurt you as much as I imagined you'd hurt me.


football, sport, and aesthetic image man and shirt image kiss, friends, and quotes image party, drink, and grunge image hands image rain, american football, and team image
It may seem all cute and cuddly to you, but this is real shit.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It beauty, blonde, and fair image ice skating, sports, and winter image Image by larissa Temporarily removed best friends, photography, and run image
I think I'm going to do everything in my power for at least, like the next three years, not to fall in love.


bohemian, hair, and style image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed kiss, lové, and lgbt+ image girl, lesbian, and love image art, bob ross, and grunge image
Like, listen to yourself. It's fucking exhausting.


theme, aesthetic, and ghetto image money, jeans, and theme image college, diy, and crafts image message, text, and love image aesthetic and blue image Temporarily removed
I don't know what type of fucked up shit you got going inside your head. I don't know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: this drug shit, it's not the answer


remus lupin, harry potter, and wolf image Image by Fashion party, shot, and drink image vampire image Temporarily removed aesthetic, vintage, and sky image
You know, I mean, like, is one of us gonna get hurt? Yeah. Probably. But I'll do my best to make sure that it's me

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