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birth name: nozawa shiro.
stage name: shiro.
birth place: tokyo, japan.
birth date: 23th april, 1996.
position: main vocalist.
height: 1,63 cm.
weight: 49 kg.

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virtues: contagious happiness, optimist, cute, polite

flaws: sometimes chlidish, impulsive, clumsy.

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↪ facts

-> was a SM trainee, but left the company because didn't like.

-> moved alone to Korea when was only 15.

-> her favorite singer is mariah carey

-> she's the happy virus of the group

-> has an older brother, he's a famous businessman of japan

-> she said she is happy since she can make the other members smile

-> g-dragon said she is him ideal type

-> even before debut she was famous because she sang in a lot of festivals, ost and collaborations.

-> has one dog named chisai

-> close friends with seulgi since she was on SM

-> her favorite color is yellow

-> her nickname is "jag-eun il" (little thing)

-> can speak japanese, korean, chinese, english and german

-> her grandma is from germany

-> the first member she liked was chaeyi, because both have similar opinions

-> she's scared of darkness

-> pasta is her favourite food