How are your character's parents? Appearance and personality.


Andrew Theodor Harrison

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First photo is with Zoey when they were in Italy and second is with Lara when she was a baby.

Age: 43 years old
Birthday: 20th February 1976
Zodiac: Aquarius
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio USA
Living: Columbus, Ohio USA

Her father is very smart, handsome, funny and the kindest guy on Earth. Andrew is journalist and he loves his job. He loves music, his guitar and photography. Her friends keep telling her she is like her father.

Catherine Ella Wheeler

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First photo is with Lara when she was just 3 years old. Second is from high school by Lara's father.

Age: 41 years old
Birthday: 4th July 1978
Zodiac: Cancer
Living: Cleveland, Ohio USA

Her mother is very beautiful, elegant, smart, funny and helpful. Catherine is florist because she loves flowers. Her favourite flowers are roses and sunflower. She loves old music, dance, animals, nature, painting and old movies.


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Some of Lara's favourite photos. She likes going back to the time.

Met: They were best friends since primary school. Andrew and Catherine started dating when she was 14 years old and he was 16 years old
Parents: Lara was born in 1996 so Catherine was just 18 years old and Andrew was 20 years old. They were so young and they weren't ready.
Married: 20th May 1996
Divorced: 1st September 2005. They were too young, but they're still friends.


Alison Maria Cooper Harrison

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Lara took first and second photo, because Alison is very pretty and Lara loves her so much. But her mom is her mom.

Age: 30 years old
Birthday: 1st January 1989
Zodiac: Capricorn
Place of Birth: Pheonix, Arizona USA
Living: Columbus, Ohio USA

Alison is very pretty, smart, careful and very funny. Now she is on materity leave, but she is nurse. She loves working with people. But also she loves old movies, traveling, beaches, music, sunsets and memories.


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From their album. Second picture took Lara, because she was their photographer on wedding.

Met: 8th August 2009 in Italy. Andrew was there because of his job and Alison was there with her friends on vacation. They met each other on the beach during volleyball game. After game he took her on a lunch and they fell in love.
Parents: Zoey was born when Alison was 26 years old and she was so happy and Andrew halped her with many things. They're great team.
Married: 20th April 2013

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