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And, as I am Ariana's fan, I thought It would be fun to answer those questions! So, let's start!

1. How did you first discover Ariana Grande?

I was looking for some cool songs to listen to and I discovered Ariana's songs!
boca, tattooed heart, and last christmas image yours truly, my everything, and sweetener image

2. How long have you been a fan of Ariana?

Since 2014, which means for 5 years now.
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3. What is one thing about Ariana you love?

That she loves animals, especially dogs, just like me haha
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4. What song about Ariana do you relate to most & why?

fake smile because the lyrics of this song are so true... Plus this is my favorite song by Ariana.
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5. Do you own any Ariana merch if so what, if not what do you want?

I own Ariana's perfumes: Sweet Like Candy, Ari and Moonlight. They are amazing, I love them ♡
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6. Which album of Ariana's is your favourite?

Thank U, Next
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7. What do you think is Ariana's most underrated song?

Better Left Unsaid
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8. What song by Ariana do you not like that much?

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9. Do you own a Ariana fanpage?

No, but I have Ariana collection ;)

10. Have you ever met Ariana or went to her concert?

Unfortunately no :( I hope it will change someday!
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That's it for this article! Thank You for reading it, have an amazing day! ♡
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