Hello again!

I am happy to be writing to ya'll again after our hiatus! August's theme is holiday/vacation and this made me think of my next trip abroad. I am going to Croatia soon to celebrate my mum's birthday. I like to plan my outfits ahead of time when I go on vacation because that make's packing easier and I'm not bringing 32 extra t-shirts with me 'just in case'. I like to look at the weather report to see what the weather will be like, but often I pack a jacket and an umbrella no matter what the report says.

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Here is this month's issue in all it's glory!

Day 1: Traveling

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On days when I am traveling all day long I just want to be comfortable. I have I cute Calvin Klein crop shirt that I pair with comfy sweatpants and Adidas shoes and a pink bag to complete the look.

Day 2: Day trip to the city

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A knee length white dress with bell sleeves. A big sunhat and white sandal shoes.

Day 3: Day at the pool + Birthday party

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I am going to spend the whole day by the pool in a white swimming suit and a sunhat. Blue silk dress with black heels.

Day 4: Botanical gardens

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An over-sized white t-shirt dress with Fila shoes. We'll be outside the whole day so I think a hat is a must have to protect from the sun.

Day 5: Last day

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White jeans with a silk shirt. Well do all the things that we had no time to do on the other days and then in the evening well travel back home. I have a silk scarf that matches my shirt that I like to tie my hair up with. I'll wear my Adidas shoes because they are the most comfortable ones for walking and at this point I know my feel well be tired from the days before.

That's it for my trip and this look book! I hope you enjoyed and if you want to find more wonderful stuff you can head on over to our magazine where we do articles on varying topics every month about multiple different subjects

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xoxo, Eve