Hello Hearters and movie lovers!
I’m here to comment on an awesome movie I saw recently after a boring stay-in night. I found it a masterpiece.

Copenhagen (2014)
Director:Mark Raso Writer: Mark Raso
Stars: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen

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1. Amazing performances from both actors. Frederikke Dahl Hansen is a beautiful, young, careless Danish girl…plus I loved her voice! Gethin Anthony is an American bad boy searching for his family in the city… his facial expressions count as much as the scenery! (He was also a member of Game of thrones cast, who knew?)
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2. The emotional connection between them is undeniable! You wait and wait for the moment they kiss.
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3.The movie presents a delicate issue with respect. Age difference is a rule (and law issue) hard to overpass. So we observe them not breaking the boundaries and still keeping strong feelings for each other. What is done, it has to be done.
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4.THE SONG. One scene, one song, the tension between them. That’s all. "Vi To Er Smeltet Sammen"by Stoffer & Maskinen
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5.The city. You can fall in love with Copenhagen from the first sight. Seeing the movie I felt that I was there too, travelling with them. The charismatic display of the streets and all the beautiful locations just make you want desperately book a ticket and live there forever.
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P.S. The end hurts...in a good way!

Thank you guys for reading!!