Annihilation is flawless,
For wrecked human kind.
Seeing them in a black dress,
Time they stopped being blind.

Those who are so damaged,
Know most about the world.
Overthinking as top edge,
Souls for couple times so hurt.

Feeling like a stranger
Somewhere I should not exist.
Myself as greatest danger
On a top of evil list.

I will write this again,
Stuck inside until the end.
Caution of ruined brain,
Where all moments are spent.

I wish I had a gun,
To put voices away.
Some care given? None!
Endless loop each damn day.

I wish I had a drink
For this liqour to pour.
Not wanting to think
Begging instantly for more.

I wish I had a knife,
Hatred would be exposed.
Not having to dive
In being worse and worse.

I wish I had a rope,
To travel where I belong.
Need you more than dope,
Craving for savior long.

I wish I had a pill
To murder every sense.
Dreaming of not to feel
As destroyed existence.