Hey everyone!

School is very near, I start tomorrow! So I thought of making this article of essentials for your backpack!


book image apple, iphone, and macbook image
Chances are you will need it for activities, research or notetaking!


books and brown aesthetic image book, art, and drawing image
If you feel like a cute one or not, that's up to you!


bullet, ideas, and inspiration image school, pastel, and inspiration image
Since day one, always know what and when you have things due!


glossier and makeup image chapstick and burts bees image
This is the colder semester, be safe!!

Water Bottle

yellow, aesthetic, and water bottle image bottle, coffee, and drinks image
PLEASE don't buy bottled water!!!!


aesthetic, chargers, and idk image cables, charger, and pale image
The essentials are laptop and cellphone! Try to have all your other electronics charged up and ready!

Lady essentials

days, of, and pads image Temporarily removed
Menstrual cup, tampons, pads, whichever you use! You never know and you can save someone!


pink, iphone, and white image purple, aesthetic, and flowers image
Whichever you use, but don't forget them!


Temporarily removed bubble gum, candy, and lollypop image
Try to sneak it if you don't want everyone ask your for some


Image removed art, eraser, and girls image
Yes, I'm in Uni and I still carry a pencilcase, pens, markers, idk, my notes are nice!


Temporarily removed Image removed
It never hurts to have an extra one!

That's all for now! Thanks so much for reading!!!